Block House


An Archive for Disappearing, part 1

2016年05月03日 > 2016年05月15日
21st century culture has endeavored to do away with signposts, those emblems we looked to for continuity, order,stability : identity and gender, countries/regions/cities and borders, romance and partnerships, politics/ peace / conflict, art and the crisis of originality.
The artists in this show have made works that point to, reveal, underline such transformations around us, through formal means, as well as narrative, through mediums that include drawing, painting, photography and video, constituting in the process an archive for disappearing. The show will travel to Berlin in 2017, in a different iteration.

-Cendrillon Belanger
-Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay with Aleesa Cohene
-Soukaina Joual
-Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel
-John Sanborn
-Martin Liebscher