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ソ・ミジ個展 「ひとつ」

2014年07月28日 > 2014年08月10日
*Opening Party 2014.8.2(Sat) 18:00~


ソ・ミジ / Seo Miji

2013 【ミジのしあわせな旅】Space UM/ソウル/韓国
2012 【ニコニコしょうてんがい - 絵本原画展】豊島区立舞台芸術交流センター「あうるすぽっと」/東京
2011 【きぼう展】Cafe Gallery Vegeets/沖縄
2010 【Happy+Love+Peace】 Noi Gallery/ソウル/韓国
2010 【HAPPY TIME】Design Festa Gallery/東京
2008 【Rainbow World】 Café Flying Teaport/東京

2014 【Hand Made Korea Fair 2014】ソウル/韓国
2014 【Pink Art Fair】COEXインターコンチネンタルホテル9階/ソウル/韓国
2014 【Robot展】農村芸術学校/ヘイリ/韓国
2014 【Rock Star展】ムデリュク/ソウル/韓国
2013 【第4、5回 Namisum Illust Festival】ナミソム/韓国
2013 【Hand Made Korea Fair 2013】ソウル/韓国
2013 【第2回 子供 WowBook Festival】ソウル/韓国
2011 【Design Festa In Hands企画展】渋谷東急ハンズ/東京
2006~2012 【Design Festa 多数出展】東京ビックサイト/東京

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Seo Miji Solo Exhibition ”The One”

28th July 2014, it has past exactly 100years since the beginning of WW1. For the past 100 years, we’ve learned and lost many things.
“Human, Animal, Love”
Today, we are still losing so many important things. And many people, including me, paint pictures to not forget “important thing”.

There was the time that the land was “one” on the earth a long long time ago. I wish people to hold each other’s hand and live happily as “one”.

Profile: Seo Miji
She was born in Korea in 1982. In 2006, she suddenly made her mind to come to Japan, and she still lives in Japan.
The theme of her painting is making people who saw her painting feel happy.
The image of her painting, which is full of vivid colors and happy energy, reminds us her lively personality. And it makes her painting more impressive.
She is working actively now both in Seoul and Tokyo city.

Solo exhibition:
2013 “The happy trip of Miji” Space UM/ Seoul/ Korea
2012 “Niko Niko street market mall-The origin of picture book-” Auruspot/ Toshima ward/ Tokyo/ Japan
2011 “The exhibition of Hope” Cafe Gallery Vegeets/ Okinawa/ Japan
2010 “Happy+Love+Peace” Noi Gallery/ Seoul/ Korea
2010 “Happy time” Design Festa Gallery/ Tokyo/ Japan
2008 “Rainbow World” Café Flying Teaport/ Tokyo/ Japan

Group exhibition:
2013/14 “Hand Made Korea Fair 2013/14″ Seoul/ Korea
2014 “Pink Art Fair” COEX Inter Continental Hotel the 9th floor/ Seoul/ Korea
2014 “The Robot” The Art School in Heyri/ Korea
2014 “The Rock Star” Seoul/ Korea
2013 “The 4th, 5th Namisum Illust Festival” Namiseom/ Korea
2013 “The 2nd Children Wow Book Festival” Seoul/ Korea
2011 “Design Festa in Hands Project” Tokyu Hands Shibuya/ Tokyo/ Japan
2006-12 “Design Festa” Tokyo Big Sight/ Tokyo/ Japan

서미지展  “The One”
올해 7월 28일은 1차 세계 대전 100주년이 되는 날입니다.
우리는 그 100년 동안 너무 많은 걸 얻었고, 잃어왔죠.
“사람, 동물, LOVE”
바쁘게 돌아가는 현대 사회에서는 이 소중한 것들의 가치가 점점 사라지고 있음을 느낍니다.
저 자신은 물론 많은 사람들에게 “소중한 것들”이 잊히지 않도록그림에 담았습니다.
지금도 분쟁이 끊이지 않는 지구. 옛날 옛적, 지구의 대륙이 “하나(The One)” 였을 때처럼, 모두가 손을 잡고 행복하고 사이좋게 살수 있는 세상을 그리며. ⓒ