Block House



Doubles / Takuro Tamayama + Ikki Kobayashi

2020年12月05日 > 2020年12月27日


メインビジュアルは小林が、玉山と相談の上「テニスのダブルス」をイメージして制作したものです。展示自体は、小林が平面、玉山が立体やインスタレーションを行い、全体の監修は玉山が行います。BLOCK HOUSEの2Fと4F両方をつかい、建物の特徴をいかしながら現地制作されるものもあります。


▪️会場名→HARUKAITO by island / BLOCK HOUSE
▪️住所→150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-12-9 BLOCK HOUSE 2F + 4F

HARUKAITO by island is pleased to announce "Doubles," a two-person exhibition by Takuro Tamayama and Ikki Kobayashi, which will open on December 5.

Takuro Tamayama is an artist known for his installations using brightly colored furniture, lighting, everyday objects, and video, and is also participating in the exhibition of his collection at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020. Ikki Kobayashi worked at the Shiseido Creative Division before becoming independent in 2019. He is also a graphic designer known for his Tokyo TDC Award and JAGDA Newcomer Award.

The main visual was created by Kobayashi, in consultation with Tamayama, with the image of a "tennis doubles" in mind. The exhibition itself is a two-dimensional work by Kobayashi and a three-dimensional or installation by Tamayama, with Tamayama overseeing the entire exhibition.

It is often divided into two genres: design and art, but in this duo exhibition, communication took place while crossing the boundaries of each role. The main visual DM will also be distributed at the exhibition at Minami Aoyama Spiral MINA-TO, which is being held simultaneously by Kobayashi.
We hope you will enjoy this exhibition, which will be their first collaboration.

Outline of the exhibition
▪️Venue: HARUKAITO by island / BLOCK HOUSE
▪️Exhibition Name : Doubles
▪️ Exhibiting artists: Takuro Tamayama, Ikki Kobayashi
▪️ Dates: December 5-27, 2020
▪️ Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
▪️Open hours: 13:00 - 19:00
▪️Address: 6-12-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan Block House 2F + 4F
▪️ Phone number: 03-6874-3273