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‘Processed thoughts’ is a new body of work created in Japan by Denise Kehoe.

2015年01月11日 > 2015年01月21日
Processed thoughts are a result of a thinking process.

今展では、新作の「Processed Thoughts」シリーズを発表します。彼女の作品は、アーティストとアートの関係をよく考察し、日常とアートの相互関係を言葉遊びや風刺的な表現を用いて巧みに表現します。

‘Processed thoughts’ is a new body of work created in Japan by Denise Kehoe. It is her second solo show and first solo show in Japan.
Kehoe’s work is an attempt to scrutinise the role of ‘the artwork’ and ‘the artist’. She often references mass media and banal analogies (banalogies) in her practice. Her work often draws a correlation between the ephemeral everyday and contemporary art. She often uses word play, satire and general tackiness in her execution.
Kehoe’s work attempts to say interesting things in aesthetically pleasing ways.Her influences range from Daiso to Marcel Duchamp to Anpanman.
Denise Kehoe is an irish artist currently based in Japan. In 2011, She completed her BA. (Hons) degree at the Crawford College of Art and Design. She obtained 1st Class honours in her studio practice. In 2011, Denise was awarded the Art Trail Graduate award, the CIT purchase prize and the CIT President’s award.In 2012, She was nominated to represent Ireland in the New/Now festival in Estonia.
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