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funny dress-up lab


2009「THE KING OF GAMES」とのコラボレート作品制作。「Funny Dress-up Lab exhibition」@dish
2010「えのもとサーキット」 ENOMOTO SPECIAL STELLA スーパーアバンテ ホワイトスペシャル ステッカーデザイン制作 。
2011「アートフェア京都2011」@ホテルモントレ京都 “Room of Underwear Habitant” に参加。
2011「パンツのハビタント展」に参加 。GAINAXとDEVILROBOTS 月イチ音楽企画”MUSIC is SF”にアートワークで参加。
2012「DESIGN UNDERGROUND」とのコラボレート作品 vintage radio-cassette customized by stickerを制作 。
2012「えのもとサーキット」 VIVRE MA PROPRE VOIE 30th ANNIVERSARY(V.P.V 30) ステッカー、パッケージデザイン制作。

Born in 1978 and raised in Chiba city Chiba. Currently resides in Tokyo.
Fascinated by the Mini 4WD stickers, he has been making art pieces only using those stickers since 2004.

2009 Collaborated with “THE KING OF GAMES” ”Funny Dress-up Lab exhibition” @ dish
2010 “Enomoto Circuit” ENOMOTO SPECIAL STELLA Sticker design for Super Avante White Special
2010 “×12” @ METEOR
2011 “Art Fair Kyoto 2011”@Hotel Monterey Kyoto “Room of Underwear Habitant”
2011 “Habitants in Panties”Provided art work for Monthly music event”MUSIC is SF”presented by GAINAX & DEVILROBOTS
2012 Collaborated with “DESIGN UNDERGROUND” Vintage radio-cassette customized by sticker
2012 “Enomoto Circuit”VIVRE MAPROPRE VOIE 30th ANNIVERSARY(V.P.V 30)Sticker/Package design
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